Highlights From rstudio::global

data science

Matt Kaye


February 11, 2021

rstudio::global, this year’s iteration of the annual RStudio conference, was a few weeks ago. Here were some highlights:


There were a few talks I really loved:

Cool New Things

  • finetune, Max Kuhn’s new tune-adjacent package, is live (albeit a little buggy)! It has some cool new model tuning algorithms, including racing methods with tune_race_anova() and tune_race_win_loss(), in addition to my personal favorite: tune_sim_anneal() for Simulated Annealing! Link to the talk
  • Major improvements to shiny, including some serious caching upgrades that’ll improve performance dramatically! Link to the talk

Other Highlights

  • Meeting a bunch of people in the breakout sessions! This year, there were virtual “tables” where you could drag your avatar to “sit down”, and once you were close enough to a table you could hear all of its conversation.