I like writing code for fun, to explore interesting questions and problems, and to improve the tools I use.

Broadly speaking, I’d break down this work into three buckets: R packages I author or maintain, contributions to open-source libraries, and other side projects.

R Packages

  • slackr is an R wrapper of the Slack API
  • fitbitr is an R wrapper of the Fitbit API
  • lightMLFlow is an opinionated R wrapper of the MLFlow REST API

Open-Source Contributions

Miscellaneous Side Projects

  • A small Flask app for getting notified when companies you care about post jobs you’re interested in lives at jobcrawler.matthewrkaye.com. Feel free to use it!
  • A writeup of my team’s submission to the 2021 NFL Big Data Bowl lives on our Github Pages site.
  • An over-the-top (yet imperfect) R solution to one of our data science technical interview questions: (roughly) implement K-Means lives in my ugly-kmeans repo.
  • The code behind a cursory exploration of the tail behavior of ESPN’s college football win probably model lives in my [espn-cfb-win-prob repo] (https://github.com/mrkaye97/espn-cfb-win-prob).